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      Don't be anti-social, say hello to the Alunity Community. For those who leave, I'll come after you..

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    • Dope content, so detailed, glad to part of the launch.
    • Horror's Gambling Clan Chat Welcome to the page of the most infamous and Alunity's official gambling clan chat! --> Join the discord channel —TBA— for exclusive giveaways and events! <-- Flower games ABC Flowers - First flower the host plants is for the better, second flower is for the host - Game is based on the alphabet, not the colors of the flowers - Flower closest to the letter 'A' wins the game - Win order:  - When  or  is planted, you win three times your bet! - Same flower (tie) is host win - Host plants both flowers Flower Roulette - Choose any flower, except  or  - If the host plants your picked flower, you win 5x your bet -  and  is instant win for the better Hot & Cold - Hot flowers:  - Cold flowers:  - Host win:  - Replant:  Dicing games  Blackjack - Better always goes first - Person closest to 100 wins the game - Tie is host win 55x2 and 80x3 and 90x5 - 55, 80 and 90 is reroll (on the mentioned games), other numbers speak for itself Flower Poker  This is not a host game, rules are added to this thread to avoid any inconvenience. From best to worst. All five flowers of the same color (5 of a kind) Any four flowers of the same color (4 of a kind) Any three flowers of the same colour + two of the same color (full house) Any three flowers of the same color (3 of a kind) Any two flowers of the same color along with other two of the same color (2 pair) Any two of the same color (1 pair) All flowers of a different color (bust) Black and white is a replant (replant all flowers) Rank prices  Recruit - TBA  Corporal - TBA  Sergeant - TBA  Lieutenant - TBA  Captain - TBA  General - Handpicked - Unrestricted To purchase a rank pm Horror in game, you are not allowed to purchase from anyone else. Insurance for gamblers To make my clan chat as safe as possible, I am banking all rank payments. If you are gambling with my host and caught him scamming, please upload your video and send it to me. If your proof meet all requirements I will refund your part of the bet up to the host's max pot. To be eligible for a refund you must meet below requirements: 1: Upload a video to Streamable or Youtube, showing proof of you trading the bet until the scam. 2: I will refund your part of the bet, up to the host's max bet. Betting higher than this is at own risk. 3: You are not allowed to submit proof older than a week. 4: I am not obligated to refund any scams, it is just a service of the clan chat. 5: Only video proof is allowed, accusations may result in a derank of the host, but not eligible for a refund. Happy gambling and you are also welcome to join as a casual!
    • Ew, I hate sushi!   Welcome! 😄
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